Here we publish pictures of catches and other interesting pictures related to fishing within the Öxabäck Fishery.

Please email pictures from you fishing holiday to admin@fishing-in-oxaback.com. All reports are welcome, little as well as large ones!

Please not in your email where the photograph is taken, weight of the catch, method of fishing used, and names of the people in the picture.

Date: 2006-07-21
Pike cought by Magnus Jonasson whilst coarse-fishing in Öjasjön. 
Weight: 12,5kg

Date: 2006-07-21
Description:  These three pike perches were caught in Öjasjön using trolling.
Weight: 5kg

Date: 2007
Description: Rainbow trout caught in Stockasjöarna by an unknown guest.

Date: 2007
Description: Pike-perch caught in Öjasjön by Jimmie Grönlund.

Date: 2007
Description: View over the western parts of Öjasjön.

Date: 2007
Description: Webmaster in action!